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Top 3 Laser Cutting Videos on YouTube

laser cutter etching stoneYou’re about to view three of the best laser cutting videos online. ¬†Precision laser cutters have a lot of great applications, and this is because they combine efficiency and precision with customization and artistry. Even a relatively low cost laser can be used to create a lot of beautiful and intricate works of art. More importantly, they can also be used to customize a wedding invitation, improve an old signage or even mass produce such items for business purposes.

Laser cutting does indeed offer a lot of opportunities. However, reading about them is not enough. The best way to appreciate the applications of laser cutting technology is to see the actual process itself. So if you’re interested then here are three videos that show the practical applications of the latest laser cutting technology.

1. 100 Watt Laser Cutting Paper Wedding Invitation

Creating wedding invitations requires both artistic skill as well as a certain degree of precision, and lasers offer both.

“100 Watt Laset Cutting Paper Wedding Invitation” features a Gen 4 – BOSS LS-2436 laser cutting ordinary paper to create intricate designs for wedding invitations. This video was posted on July 28, 2015 by ‘bosslasers,’ and the video shows a laser cutting out several intricate shapes and designs.

At less than the 2 minutes, this is a short video, but it does offer a lot of useful information. According to the narrator, his laser was cutting the paper at 35 millimeters per second, and operating at 15% power. The video also featured plenty of online resources and files which are designed specifically for laser cutting on paper.

Most impressive of all, however, is that the laser was able to cut out all kinds of intricate shapes without causing any burns at the edges. According to the narrator, “if you go fast enough with low enough power, you should be able to cut through all kinds of paper with literally no burning on the edges.” ¬†Get reviews of Boss Laser by clicking the aforementioned link. You can watch the video here:

2. Pine Sign Production: CO2 Laser Engraving Fine Details in Wood

Wood engraving is another great application of laser cutting technology. Not only do lasers offer a substantial amount of precision, they also offer plenty of customization options.

“Pine Sign Production: CO2 Laser Engraving Fine Details in Wood” offers a quickly look at how laser cutting technology can be used to cut a shop sign on a piece of pine wood. The video was posed on March 14 by ‘’ and offers
some insight on laser engraving works and its results.

The narrator of the video also explained the challenges of engraving letters and images on pieces of wood, as well as some of the techniques used for improving the quality of said engravings. Furthermore, the video also went into detail about depth and resolution, and how to use the right settings to make the engravings as clear as possible.

Most interesting of all, however, is how the laser engraving process can also be applied on acrylic and stainless steel. According to the narrator, laser engraving can be used on different kinds of surfaces, so there’s plenty of other options for people who don’t like the look of wooden signage. You can find the video here:

3. Laser Cutting and Building A Victorian Dollhouse

Laser cutting can also be used to build 3D objects by cutting up individual layers or pieces for fast and convenient assembly. The video was on August 4, 2014 by ‘Eleenee LAB’ and features the process and techniques used to create a Victorian dollhouse using again a laser cutting machine. The video doesn’t have any narration, but it really doesn’t need any. The results speak for themselves.

The video starts by showing how the lasers creating the various parts and pieces of the dollhouse. Windows, stairways, roofs, doors and various others were systematically cut out of several sheets of wood. According to the video, the laser was responsible for cutting the 230 pieces, each of which were designed like puzzle pieces to facilitate easy assembly.

Once all the pieces were completed, the guy in video gathered all the pieces to begin assembling them. Interestingly, because the pieces were designed to fit into each other, assembling the Victorian dollhouse looked like putting together various pieces of puzzle. Glues and other adhesives were rarely used throughout the entire assembly process.

After the assembly was done, the video showed an elegant and well-designed Victorian Dollhouse. You can find the video here: